Auto Glass FAQs

Have questions? We can help.
➤    Can you come to me or do I have to bring my car to your shop?
➤    Is my windshield free if I have insurance?
➤    If I file a claim with my insurance company, will my rates go up?
➤    Is it true that I can only get one free windshield per year?
➤    Should I call my insurance company first to schedule?
➤    How do I file a claim with my insurance company?
➤    My insurance company wants me to use Safelite but I do not want to. Do I get to choose who does my auto glass replacement?
➤    What is the warranty on new auto glass?
➤    Do you guarantee your work?
➤    Is It Safe To Drive With A Cracked Windshield?
➤   Do You Work With Insurance Companies and what is the cost?
➤    I have a high deductible. What will my new auto glass replacement cost me out of pocket?
➤    Can you reseal my leaking windshield that another shop installed?
➤    Do you only replace windshields or do you also do other automotive glass?
➤    Do you do chip repair?
➤    My windshield is scratched from my wipers. Can you remove those scratches?
➤    Can you replace the windshield moulding or gasket around my windshield?
➤    How long does the windshield replacement job take?
➤    I drive a Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, or another luxury brand. Should I take my car to the dealership for auto glass?
➤    How soon can my vehicle be driven after the replacement?
➤    What is OEM glass?
➤    Will I get OEM glass from Allied Auto Glass?